Toowoomba Grammar School

General Information


Toowoomba Grammar School aims to develop the whole student through the delivery of a broad education. From curriculum based endeavours to those of co-curriculum (Sport and Activities), each student is challenged to extend themselves in all aspects of their schooling. In addition to developing innate skills and talents, the Sport and Activities program helps young men to accept success and failure with grace and dignity, to work cooperatively with others, to use the qualities of each to contribute to the greater advantage of the community. Although Sport and Activities are not compulsory for students, they are seen as key agents in the development of the whole person and thus each and every boy is strongly encouraged to participate during their time at the School.


At Toowoomba Grammar School, we define a ‘co-curriculum activity’ as:An educationally enriching activity sponsored by the school that requires the student to spend time outside of normal school hours, representing the school and/or contributing to the school community.

    • School sport
    • Activity membership in our extensive Clubs
    • Drama production, bands, ensembles/choir, debating/public speaking
    • Cross Country, Track and Field and Swimming carnivals as well as other designated House based activities.