Toowoomba Grammar School

Adventure Club

Activity: Overnight Trip – Noosa River

The Adventure Club spent the weekend exploring the Noosa River environs in the vicinity of Harry’s Hut campsite.

Following an uneventful trip up, the campsite was quickly established and canoes launched into a glassy river, with reflections from the surrounding vegetation adding to the ambience.

The boys quickly adapted to canoe control as we ventured some 6 km upstream to campsite 3 – just a landing site and campsite along the river. Campsite 3 provides the gateway to the sand patch, a 12 km round trip.  After making good time, the boys were amazed at the vast expanse of sand that is the sand patch in the middle of otherwise melaleuca forest. They proceeded to take time to venture far across the sand.  The return back down was completed at a cracking pace.  Gravity can be a wonderful friend.

As the sunset, we set out back to Harry’s, with the half-moon directly overhead providing sufficient light for the trip.  The river takes on a completely different feel at night, one the boys thoroughly appreciated.

Dinner was a simple affair, and after a quick rinse off in the river, tired boys (and staff) were soon in their tents and asleep.

Sunday morning was again glorious with the sun sneaking through the early morning fog over the river.  Following a leisurely breakfast, we casually headed off downstream to explore the narrows and Fig Tree Point.  Again glassy conditions added to the beauty and pristine nature of this area.  As the breeze came in, we enjoyed an assisted trip back to camp where we farewelled Harry’s Hut and headed for home.

The calm and convivial nature of the boys and their appreciation for the beauty of nature made for great trip.  A magic weekend in a glorious unspoilt part of Australia.