Toowoomba Grammar School

Cadet Newsletter- January 2019 and Notices

Dear Cadets and Parents

The staff would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to 2019.

  1. Over the holidays a number of cadets attended promotion courses.  We wish to publicly congratulate them.
  2. Promotions for these cadets and those that attended courses last July will take place at  the Admin parade of the second home training on 8 February.
  3. We must congratulate Cadet Sergeant Munn who received the ‘Student of Merit Award’, the Battle of Long Tan Sword at the Cadet Under Officer Course.  This is a massive achievement and she is to be commended for her efforts.
  4. Attached are the following documents for your information:
    1. Notification of Unit Fees for 2019
    2. Parade Card 2019 with calendar dates for your information on cadet activities
    3. Routine Orders for our first home training for 2019 for Friday 2 February when we will hold a Recruit Muster and BBQ.
  5. This year we are currently in discussions with a number of parties to try and improve on the Core AAC Training and Specialisation. These include:
    1. Training for flying UAVs
    2. Training for First Aid by a provider
    3. Specialisation in Robotics
    4. Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation for grade 10 cadets – subject to individual school academic subjects.
  6. Orders Group will be held on Wednesday, 30 January between 1530- 1600h.  Cadets that attended courses in December 2018 and January 2019 are to attend including all Sergeants.
  7. TGS Honour Guard will commence on Wednesday, 6 February.  If you are interested in joining the rifle drill team please let me know.  If there is a clash with sport and you still wish to remain part of the team then let me know as well.  Training will focus on vigil parties for all ANZAC services.
  8. Drum Corp will commence on Thursday 7 February.  If you are interested in joining and getting free tuition then please let me know.
  9. The Q store will be open this Wednesday from 1600h.
  10. If you cannot attend the Recruit Muster, then please let me know via email.