Toowoomba Grammar School

Orienteering Information for 2019

If you think you may be interested in this sport, read through the following information carefully and discuss it with your parents. If you would like to participate, please email Mrs Nottle or call and see her in the Careers Office (Student Services Centre) during lunchtime on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.

Orienteering combines outdoor adventure with map reading and navigational skills. It involves navigating though the bush, parks or streets with the aid of a specially produced map and orienteering compass, with the aim being to locate checkpoints (controls) on various natural and man-made features along the way, such as a boulder, track junction, bench seat or street lamp. Controls are generally represented by distinctive orange and white flags.

The skill in orienteering is in choosing the best route between controls — while beginners’ courses may not offer much choice, as you progress you will learn to decide between options — perhaps over a hill or a longer route which goes around it. It is this stimulating mental challenge as well as the physical activity that makes orienteering so much fun. Each event may have a number of courses of differing lengths and levels of difficulty occurring at the same time.

• Membership with Orienteering Queensland is taken by the School. This gives you a reduced price entry fees when you attend events.
• Event Entry: $4 – $10 per event
• Sportident Hire: $2 per event (Most events are electronically recorded. A Sportident, worn on your finger, registers your attendance at the various checkpoints)

• Compasses – a Silva base plate compass is recommended for beginners. The Orienteering Department have a number of these compasses that can be loaned to boys at events. Thumb compasses are great but a little more expensive. To purchase, the price ranges from about $40 to about $150.
• It is essential that all runners carry a whistle during bush events.
• Sportident can be hired for $2 at events where they are being used. They cost approximately $50 to purchase.
• Leg Protection: Gaiters are highly recommended for bush events.
• Clothes for running in the bush, hat, water, money to pay entry fee

Important information about Orienteering at TGS
• Transport to events will be the responsibility of the student. Most events are on a Sunday.
• You are not expected to attend all events. You may go to as few or as many as you like. To be listed as an extra-curricular school activity, you will need to attend three or more events, including at least one bush event.
• Mrs Nottle will communicate with all TGS orienteers via email. Please check your email regularly. If you have signed up to do orienteering and are not receiving emails, please let Mrs Nottle know.
• New orienteers – Mrs Nottle’s office is in the Careers Office on the ground floor of the Dent Library building. Please call in and introduce yourself. I work Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. (Note: I will be absent from School in Week 3 & 4, Term 1)
• Coaching is available at all events.
• Boys (and other family members) need to go online to register for events. If you need advice about which course to enter or would like me to enter for you, please let me know via email or call into my office.

Check website ( for full details. Information will also be emailed out before each event.

Upcoming local events
Sunday, 8 February Picnic Point 

Tuesday, 12 February Queen’s Park

Sunday, 15 February Toowoomba Grammar School

Sunday, 24 February Queen’s Park

Check the website for details of other events available throughout Queensland or for events after February.