Toowoomba Grammar School

Cadet Tri-Service Dinner – Friday, 8 March 2019

AAC030 – Activity Notification and Consent Form 2017 vers 1

Cadet NCO’s (CPLs; SGTs; CUOs and CDTWO2)

  1. You are invited to participate in the Tri-Service Dinner on Friday 08 March at Concordia College.  This is an opportunity to meet other members of the cadet community from other Army, Navy and Air Force Cadets and staff.
  2. Attached is the Activity Notification Form for the Tri-Service Dinner for your action.
  3. As you are senior rank I am only sending this to you and not your parents.  It is your responsibility to ensure that these forms are returned by the due date.
  4. I also ask Cadet Staff to respond if they wish to attend.