Toowoomba Grammar School

Cadet WTSS 1 Activity – Wednesday, 6 March 2019

AAC030 – WTSS1 Activity Notification and Consent Form 2019 vers 1

Dear Cadets and Parents

  1. Attached is the Activity and Notification Form for our first WTSS activity for this year for your action.
  2. This activity is for cadets in their second year of cadets or above.
  3. There are limited spaces for this activity (21). It will be first come, first served with a reserve list.
  4. There are 3 other WTSS activities this year, all on a Wednesday afternoon/evening.
  5. The activity is on Wednesday 06 March and will be out at Oakey Army AVn TC.
  6. Dress is DPCU Field.
  7. No money will be required for Pizza and soft drink as this will come out of Unit Funds.
  8. Cadets are to advise me of their request for a pizza from the following Value Range:
    1. Simply Cheese
    2. Cheesy Garlic Pizza
    3. Cheesy Garlic with Crème Fraiche
    4. Margherita
    5. Pepperoni
    6. Beef and onion
    7. Ham and cheese
    8. Spicy Veg Trio
    9. Gluten free base if required