Toowoomba Grammar School

Cadets: Glennie Fair – Sunday, 10 March 2019

AAC030 – Gennie Fair Activity Notification and Consent Form 2019 vers 1

Dear Cadets and Parents

  1. Attached is the Activity Notification Form for the upcoming Glennie School Fair to be held on Sunday 10 March at The Glennie School.
  2. Please return your forms by the due date.
  3. Dress for the Fair is DPCU Barracks and cadets are to take a water bottle and money for morning tea and lunch.
  4. Cadets are to meet at the front steps of The Glennie School where you will be briefed by LT(AAC) Langston and Mrs Shaz Wilmington for the day.
  5. This year we will not have a stand but will have a couple of banners advertising cadets together with brochures that will be handed out.
  6. Cadets will be placed in a roster by CDTSGT Radford to sell raffle tickets throughout the Fair.
  7. The roster will be out shortly, and cadets are asked not to volunteer their time elsewhere until they have their allocated times for cadets or alternatively advise CDTSGT Radford when you will be helping out elsewhere at the Fair.