Toowoomba Grammar School

Football Trials – Friday, 1 March 2019

Our trials are on this Friday, 1 March,  starting at 3.30pm and finishing at 5.00pm.

All boys, where possible, are asked to be in Football training gear for the afternoon. Those boys who do not have a training shirt or shorts are to wear Golds.

You are to report to following venues for Friday.


  • Year 7 – Trustees Oval – Mr Richardson, Mr Rees, Mr Tuart, Mr Budnick
  • Year 8 – P and F Oval – Mr McLeod, Mr Duncan, Mr Pollard, Mrs Battersby
  • Year 9 – Kent Oval – Mr Mitchell, Mr McDonald, Mr Spence, Mr Sawyer
  • Year 10 – Barbour Oval – Mr Turvey, Mr Simshauser, Mr Murfin, Mr Kirby
  • Year 11 – Barbour Oval – Mr Kosloski, Mr Tonkies, Mr Noble, Mr Westman
  • Year 12 – Indoor courts for Futsal (meet on artificial court) – Mr Klan, Mr Lund, Mr Kalinowski.


At the completion of trials we will have boys divided into A/B squad and C/D squad. Your position in these can change throughout the season.

  • A/B squads will train Tuesday and Thursday mornings 6.30am – 7.45am. From Tuesday, 5 March.
  • C/D squads do not start until after holidays. There is a 1 day development camp for any C/D boy who wishes to attend. This will be sent once squads finalised.

You will be emailed the squad list by Monday, 4 March at the latest so you will know where to attend for training.

Kind regards,

Peter Broadfoot

Director of Football