Toowoomba Grammar School

TGS Club Basketball Program

Part of our ongoing vision for the development of TGS Basketball is to continue our presence within the Toowoomba Basketball Association’s (TBA) Club Competition which occurs in Term 2 and Term 3 each year. Our directive is that this will provide TGS Basketballers with an avenue through which they can participate and improve upon their basketball skills and enjoy an extensive preparation period prior to the GPS season in Term 3. Continuity will be provided by appointing the same coaches to these club teams as those leading our teams during the GPS season. This will further afford our players an unprecedented opportunity to develop their skills and combinations and put their best foot forward for selection in Term 3.

Whilst we are aware that some boys have previously played/nominated for club teams in Toowoomba, we would like to highlight the positive impacts a TGS Club Basketball structure could provide our program:

  •      The generation of a positive and inclusive culture within our basketball program by providing an avenue for all boys to access equitable game time.
  •      Significantly more preparation time for the GPS season (in line with other GPS Schools, most of whom have Club Basketball Programs).
  •      Increased opportunities for players to learn and develop, thereby increasing the standard of gameplay program-wide and providing current B & C team players an avenue through which they can increase their exposure and opportunities for A team selection in the future.
  •      Year-round access to high quality coaching and a continuity of learning through the TGS Basketball Development model.

As part of their commitment to the program we are asking parents to consider the following requirements for boys participating in a TGS Club Basketball Team:

  •      Term 2 will involve 2 practices and 1 game per week (Club games are contested on Friday nights).
  •      Term 3 will involve normal GPS practice/game schedule and 1 club game per week.
  •      A payment structure on your School Account that will be comprised of the following three parts:

Basketball Queensland (BQ) / Toowoomba Basketball Association (TBA) Standard Registration Payment

Compulsory payments of BQ Registration, TBA Registration and Player Insurance (10-17yo – $110, 18 and older – $120. This is based on your age on December 31, 2019)

Coaching Payments

Unlike normal club teams our professional coaches will be heavily invested in the training and development of your son’s skillset and game play and will provide two well-planned practices and structured in-game coaching in line with the TGS Basketball Development Plan. This will total approximately $175 per player and covers the entire season.

TBA Standard Game Payments

These will be collated at end of season and charged to School Accounts (approx. $8 – $10 per week/per player).

NB: All fee amounts above are an approximate figure only and confirmation of these figures will take place when team numbers are confirmed with Toowoomba Basketball Association.

If you are interested in your son participating in the Toowoomba Basketball Association Club Competition as a member of a TGS playing group, please complete the Expression of Interest Form.

The Basketball program respectfully requests that parents and players consider supporting this initiative and the entire TGS Basketball program as a result. Once all expressions of interest are received, we will nominate and register playing groups with TBA and circulate further information as it comes to hand.

There is also a section available for feedback or comments, and I encourage any queries parents or students may have via phone on 0434 262 566 or via email at [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working closely with all parents and players within the TGS Basketball program to create a productive and rewarding 2019.