Toowoomba Grammar School

Cadets: Bivouac Exercise Gallipoli Packing List

Packing list for bivouac amended March 2019

Toowoomba Grammer School Army Cadet Unit Equipment List 2019 v2-

Dear Cadets, Recruits and Parents

  1. Attached is the packing list for the bivouac (Exercise Gallipoli), on 23-24 March.
  2. Please open this document and read both pages.
  3. The Q store will be open on Wednesday afternoon for those cadets/recruits that need to replace uniforms, pick up field gear, etc.
  4. As this activity is a combined AAC/School activity you are required to bring both DPCU and also civilian clothes which includes the issued blue long sleeved work shirt.
  5. If you are a recruit and still require equipment, then I suggest you contact Tentworld Toowoomba Asap.
  6. A list of items to purchase is attached and as pointed out before this is a one off purchase as all other clothing and equipment is provided by the Unit.
  7. On Friday 22 March you will be expected to present yourself in DPCU Field Marching Order.  The Orderly Room will be open from 0745h for you to place your packs and webbing.
  8. That afternoon at Home Training we will be doing a kit inspection to make sure that you have packed correctly, before you place your gear in Roberts over night.

Thank you

Ma’am Hallam

Ann Hallam