Toowoomba Grammar School

Adventure Club: Mountain Biking at Hidden Vale Adventure Park

On Sunday, 10 March, 14 boys and 2 parents ventured to Hidden Vale Adventure Park to experience the mountain bike trails on offer.  The day was overcast, although it did become hot as the day progressed.  Happy Gilmore, 007, Dodgem, Trailer Trash and Plane Sailing (to name some of the trails ridden) provided for flowy riding and all the boys were able to meet the challenges of the park, with each riding within their capabilities.  Trailer Trash was especially popular with a number of boys taking the opportunity for multiple runs.

A broken pedal and a broken derailleur almost ended the day for two of the boys.  Special thanks to Hidden Vale for ‘saving the day’, allowing use of their bikes.  By the end of the day, the uphill and downhill sections balanced out to a net gain of zero.  The boys rose to the challenge with approximately 20 km of single track ridden.

Images, video and trail map available here:

Count Surname CName St # Yr D/B
1 Bassingthwaighte Brodie staff    
2 Tardy Gabin staff    
3 McIntosh Edley 46799 8 D
4 Creighton Angus 401972 7 D
5 Doran Lachlan 401988 7 D
6 Beci Nathan 48805 10 D
7 Leonard Rachel Parent    
8 Campbell Braith 403220 8 D
9 Tobin Cooper 403398 7 D
10 Morris Benjamin 47088 7 D
11 Lancaster Mitchell 403885 7 D
12 Brannelly Flynn 402482 9 D
13 Brimblecombe Rory 403763 7 B
14 Layton Edward 46011 7 D
15 Layton Tom 41653 10 D
16 Layton Oska 41655 9 D
17 Layton Brett Parent    
18 Goodger Kurtis   8 D