Toowoomba Grammar School

Cadet Routine Orders for Home Training – Friday, 21 March 2019

Packing list for bivouac amended March 2019


Dear Recruits, Parents and Cadets,


Attached are this week’s Routine Orders for Home Training for your action.

  1. Dress is DPCU field – Marching Order (field pack and webbing packed as per packing order).
  2. All cadets attending Exercise Gallipoli this weekend are to remember to bring their field packs and webbing into the orderly room on Friday 21st March 2019. TRGOFF Roberts will be at the Orderly Room by 0745 to receive gear.
  3. Final Nominal Roll will be sent out NLT Friday after staff has organised sport buses and times.
  4. Please let Staff know ASAP if any of your plans change.