Toowoomba Grammar School

Football: Coaches Contact Information

Dear Parents,

Please find below the contact details for the 2019 Football staff. If your son is unable to attend training and/or games, please contact the relevant Age Group Coordinator as soon as possible.

Age Group Name Email
Year 7 Mr Evan Rees
Year 8 Mr Chris McLeod
Year 9 Dr Brett Sawyer
Year 10, 11 Opens Mr Dave Klan/Mr Dennis Lund,



Team Coach Contact email
7A Jason Richardson
7B Evan Rees
7C Jordan Pollard
7D Andrew Budnick
7E Nigel Fanning
8A Chris McLeod
8B Murray Duncan
8C Keanu Tuart
8D Gabe Battersby
8E Clayton Lachmund
9A Richard Mitchel
9B Sean McDonald
9C Nick Spence
9D Brett Sawyer
10A Mick Turvey
10B Andrew Simshauser
10C Giles Murfin
10D Andrew Kirby
11A Thiago Kosloski
11B Craig Tonkies
11C James Noble
11D Allan Westman
1ST Matt Proctor
1ST Peter Broadfoot
2ND David Klan
3RD Dennis Lund
4TH Paul Kalinowski
N/A Therese Manassero
N/A Doug Michael
N/A Kirsten Randle
N/A Dean May