Toowoomba Grammar School

Football: Coaches Contact Information

Dear Parents,

Please find below the contact details for the 2019 Football staff. If your son is unable to attend training and/or games, please contact the relevant Age Group Coordinator as soon as possible.

Age Group Name Email
Year 7 Mr Evan Rees [email protected]
Year 8 Mr Chris McLeod [email protected]
Year 9 Dr Brett Sawyer [email protected]
Year 10, 11 Opens Mr Dave Klan/Mr Dennis Lund [email protected], [email protected]



Team Coach Contact email
7A Jason Richardson [email protected]
7B Evan Rees [email protected]
7C Jordan Pollard [email protected]
7D Andrew Budnick [email protected]
7E Nigel Fanning [email protected]
8A Chris McLeod [email protected]
8B Murray Duncan [email protected]
8C Keanu Tuart [email protected]
8D Gabe Battersby [email protected]
8E Clayton Lachmund [email protected]
9A Richard Mitchel [email protected]
9B Sean McDonald [email protected]
9C Nick Spence [email protected]
9D Brett Sawyer [email protected]
10A Mick Turvey [email protected]
10B Andrew Simshauser [email protected]
10C Giles Murfin [email protected]
10D Andrew Kirby [email protected]
11A Thiago Kosloski [email protected]
11B Craig Tonkies [email protected]
11C James Noble [email protected]
11D Allan Westman [email protected]
1ST Matt Proctor [email protected]
1ST Peter Broadfoot [email protected]
2ND David Klan [email protected]
3RD Dennis Lund [email protected]
4TH Paul Kalinowski [email protected]
N/A Therese Manassero [email protected]
N/A Doug Michael [email protected]
N/A Kirsten Randle [email protected]
N/A Dean May [email protected]