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Adventure Club Activity Report – Springbrook National Park

Adventure Club Activity Report
Activity: Day Trip – Springbrook NP, Warrie Circuit
Date: 19 May 2019

The forecast was for showers. A shower greeted us as we arrived at Canyon Lookout on the Springbrook Plateau. And that was the last of the rain for the day. How good is that.
The view from our vantage point back to the Gold Coast was spectacular. Shear cliffs were also obvious to both sides. The Warrie Circuit initially wound across the top of the cliffs before winding its way through the rainforest downwards to the valley below. The trail across the rainforest floor was humid and, at times, rocky, slushy, and travelled over roots as it wound its way around the buttresses of rainforest giants. Whipbirds and other birds added to the atmosphere of being at one with nature.
The highlight of the trail is the numerous waterfalls along the route. Rainbow Falls lived up to their name, with flashes of sunlight through the canopy showing rainbows in the spray of the water. Various other falls cascaded from the cliffs high above. In some cases, the trail took us behind the falls.
Meeting of the Waters (with Nerang Creek and other creeks) provided an excellent stop for lunch, before the final, slightly steeper walk back out of the valley. Still more waterfalls greeted us along the way. A blue crayfish entertained us in one of the waterholes.
A detour to Best of All Lookout (right on the QLD/NSW border) on the trip home provided a remarkable view of the Numinbah Valley with the southern Gold Coast, Mt Warning and the Pacific Ocean in the background.
Overall, we walked almost 18 km of trail through a magnificent native rainforest area.

Images, video and trail map available HERE: