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Dear Cricket Community,


Cricket Australia has announced that at the start of the 2019 – 2020 cricket season, all community cricketers (whether junior or senior) will be required to wear BS7928:2013 compliant helmets AT ALL TIMES when batting, wicket keeping up to the stumps and fielding in close.”

This requirement is happening as a result of policy changes being implemented by the ICC, Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket to improve the level of protection provided by helmets.


To meet this requirement, the TGS Cricket Supporters’ Group would like to offer parents & boys the opportunity to purchase helmets complete with TGS logo. There are two types of Masuri helmets which can be purchased through the parent portal – these prices are well below the recommended retail price.


Given production times, orders need to be placed before September 30, 2019 in order for a January collection. Please view the attachments/links which will provide further information.


Link 1 – Helmet FAQs (see above)

Link 2 – Masuri – Compliant Helmets (see above)

Link 3 – TGS Cricket Helmet Options, Pricing and Sizing (see above)


ORDER PAGE (TGS School Portal – Parent Lounge)

Please keep in mind that it is a mandatory requirement for all boys to wear a helmet and it is an expectation that each boy owns their own helmet. The School will continue to run the ‘Hire-A-Kit’ program for all other Cricket equipment.


If your son already owns a helmet, it is an expectation that it meets the current Cricket Australia helmet guidelines as per the second link above. Please also note that many helmets currently used do not meet the new standards, and all players should verify when purchasing new helmets that they comply with the new requirements.


This mandate is a good thing in terms of ensuring the safety of your son playing this sport.


Yours in Cricket,


Ben Schuhmacher