Toowoomba Grammar School

Adventure Club – iFly

iFly provides the opportunity to experience the free fall sensation of skydiving in the safety of a vertical wind tunnel while not strapped to an instructor but free to learn some basic manoeuvres to control movement. With training, aerial acrobatics are also possible.

Check-in and a short wait, with the chance to watch a previous group fly, gave us an idea of what to expect and allay some initial fears.  Soon we were suiting up and learning the basic principles and hand signals (the wind is loud in the tunnel) for relax, chin up, legs straight and legs bent.  That’s all there is to it. Off to the staging area to await our turn.

The boys were very quick to master the basic skills.  Three extended length flights allowed them to further hone these skills and demonstrate mastery of the basics to control their movement around the tunnel.  Most choose to have our instructor take them to the top of the tunnel and down again as part of their final flight before our instructor demonstrated some fancier flying techniques with precision. All were smiling ear to ear as we exited at the end of our session.

A stroll down Cavill Mall to the beach before enjoying a casual lunch capped off a great day out.

Images and video available HERE:


Mr B Bassingthwaighte