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Junior School – Representative Sport Pathways

Darling Downs representative teams sign up. 

2020 Darling Downs School Sport Calendar

Please find attached a copy of the Darling Downs Sport Calendar for 2020 for your convenience.

If your son is interested in trialling for any of the sports listed on the calendar, please complete the attached form via the link found here.


Please note that this is an expression of interest and does not automatically guarantee that your son will be selected to trial.  All schools are restricted in the number of boys who can trial in a given sport, and a selection process may be implemented if required. Boys who are selected to trial will receive further paperwork before the trial.


Toowoomba Grammar Junior School follows a series of guidelines to ensure the selection process is fair and transparent.  Decisions will be made in conjunction with coaches and teachers but the final decision will be at the discretion of the Sportsmaster. Boys will be judged primarily using the following guidelines:

  •         A positive attitude. Someone who is willing to learn and grow;
  •         A committed approach to training;
  •         Requisite skills and experience in the sport.


Students may be relieved of their selection if they display behaviour at school that does not meet the standards expected.


Swimming, cross country and track and field nominations will be selected from the internal carnivals held here at Toowoomba Grammar School. Year 7 boys who are still Under 12 will also be considered for selection in these events.


Brendan Doherty

Junior School Sportsmaster

Tennis Coaching Muster (Senior School)

All boys wishing to sign up for Tennis Coaching during Term One, 2020 are advised to attend the Tennis Coaching Muster with Director of Tennis Coaching, Mr Gavin Wright on Friday, 31 January at 1.00pm outside the TGS Assembly Hall.

Any further Tennis enquires can be emailed to Mr Wright at [email protected] or by phoning Mr Wright directly on 0413 004 457

**Cricket – Helmet Compliance**

Dear Cricket Community,

As mentioned in 2019, TGS will be abiding by the new Helmet regulations being enforced for the 2020 season and beyond.

This requirement is happening as a result of policy changes being implemented by the ICC, Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket to improve the level of protection provided by helmets.

It is a mandatory requirement for all boys to wear a helmet and it is an expectation that each boy owns their own helmet. 

If your son already owns a helmet, it is an expectation that it meets these new guidelines. Please note that some helmets currently used do not meet the new standards, and all players should verify when purchasing new helmets that they comply with the new requirements. For those boys requiring helmets, please visit the website of our sponsors, Keith Dudgeon Cricket Specialist.

If you are unsure whether your helmet is compliant, click Compliant Helmets.

Before our Round 1 clash with BGS, your son’s coach will ensure your son has met these guidelines.

This mandate is a good thing in terms of ensuring the safety of your son playing this sport.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

Ben Schuhmacher

Cricket – Hire a Kit Program

Good morning Cricketers,

If you are playing cricket for TGS in 2020 and require gear, we will be offering a ‘Hire-a-Kit’ program where you are able to select from a large range of gear. The only proviso is that you provide your own bag, protector and helmet that passes British Standard 7928:2013.

Previously this gear has been supplied to coaches in a ‘team’ kit bag, however it is rarely used. As was the case in 2019, coaches will no longer supply a kit bag for boys.

Each boy who hires gear will have his name recorded on a database and at season’s end will return all gear. Whilst this initiative is free of charge, boys will have an appropriate fee charged to their school fees if their gear isn’t returned or isn’t returned in fair and reasonable condition. Whilst we will aim to kit out all boys who require gear, we are restricted with quantity and size. Gear will be distributed on a first in, first served basis.

For those interested, boys will be required to bring their Cricket kit bag to meet Jordan Pollard in the Sports Office (bottom floor of the GMSC) during lunch time in week 1.

If you aren’t interested in the Hire-a-Kit program but do need Cricket gear for the upcoming season, please visit our new sponsors, Keith Dudgeon Cricket Specialist –

If you have any questions regarding the Hire-a-Kit program, please email [email protected].

Kind regards,

Ben Schuhmacher

Director of Cricket

Cricket Week One Arrangements

Dear Cricket Community,

Welcome back to 2020.

Please see below an outline to Week 1 Trials and Training:

On Tuesday, 28 January, Year 7 and 8 will trial/train.
Grade 7 Trials – Kent Nets (3pm – 5pm)
Grade 8 Training & Trials – Kent Nets (3pm – 5pm)

Wednesday, 29 January & Thursday, 30 January – The full training schedule gets underway. The only change to this would be 9C and 9D who will train in the afternoon on Wednesday (instead of the morning). All teams will have one full session (weather permitting) before Round 1.

Friday, 31 January – Wicket Keeper Training with Brad Murphy – Indoor Nets from 3:30pm – 5:00pm. I encourage all Wicket Keepers to attend.

I look forward to working with you over the next 9 weeks.

All the best for your season,

Mr Schuhmacher

Friday Night Basketball – Expression of Interest

Please be advised that Friday Night Basketball Trials will be held on Tuesday 28 November from 9:00am – 12:00pm in the Glen McCracken Sports Centre. Registrations can be submitted via this LINK. The Expression of Interest Link will expire Friday, 24 January 2020. All Year 9-12* boys are required to be present for appropriate consideration and allocation to their age group teams.


These trials will also serve as the initiation of the trial period for 1st V Squad selection. For those not wishing to be considered for the 1st V Squad, Friday Night Teams will consist of one team per age group (1 x Year 7/8, 1 x Year 9/10, 1 x Year Open).


*Those new boys and boarders who cannot attend are to advise by email as soon as possible. Please note that new boys unable to attend the trial are to attend practices in the first week of school to assess consideration.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or concerns. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing all of our basketball athletes and families return for an exciting 2020 season.


Kind Regards


Kabe Cicolini
Director of Basketball

Telephone: (07) 4687 2529

Mobile: 0434 262 566
Email: [email protected]