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Junior School – Representative Sport Pathways

Darling Downs representative teams sign up. 

2020 Darling Downs School Sport Calendar

Please find attached a copy of the Darling Downs Sport Calendar for 2020 for your convenience.

If your son is interested in trialling for any of the sports listed on the calendar, please complete the attached form via the link found here.


Please note that this is an expression of interest and does not automatically guarantee that your son will be selected to trial.  All schools are restricted in the number of boys who can trial in a given sport, and a selection process may be implemented if required. Boys who are selected to trial will receive further paperwork before the trial.


Toowoomba Grammar Junior School follows a series of guidelines to ensure the selection process is fair and transparent.  Decisions will be made in conjunction with coaches and teachers but the final decision will be at the discretion of the Sportsmaster. Boys will be judged primarily using the following guidelines:

  •         A positive attitude. Someone who is willing to learn and grow;
  •         A committed approach to training;
  •         Requisite skills and experience in the sport.


Students may be relieved of their selection if they display behaviour at school that does not meet the standards expected.


Swimming, cross country and track and field nominations will be selected from the internal carnivals held here at Toowoomba Grammar School. Year 7 boys who are still Under 12 will also be considered for selection in these events.


Brendan Doherty

Junior School Sportsmaster