Toowoomba Grammar School

Sport Representative Pathways – Expression of Interest

Dear Parents,

It has come to our attention that email providers with addresses ending in have been sending our emails to their ‘spam’ folder due to the inclusion of a google form.
Whilst we sincerely apologise that some families may have missed out on seeing these emails in their ‘inbox’, this is a network issue where the email provider has either rejected or sent the email into a ‘spam’ folder.

As a result the Sport Representative Pathways Expression of Interest form was missed by a group of families. Trials such as Touch Football, Volleyball, Baseball, U19 Cricket, Softball and U19 Tennis have already closed with trials being performed in the first two weeks of School.

To ensure this issue does not reoccur, the TGS Sport & Activities Office will now discontinue using google forms for registrations and information collection and replace them with Microsoft forms. This should ensure families with Telstra based email providers do not miss out on any further TGS communications.

Please find attached the Sport Representative Pathways – Expression of Interest Form in the new format.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Sport & Activities Office.

Expression of Interest Form