Toowoomba Grammar School

Orienteering – Valuable learnings from the Glennie event



Dear Gents
Read below some great coaching tips from Felicity. Maps are attached.
Best wishes
Mrs Nottle

Hi RROC members
Even if you didn’t get to run on Ellie’s great courses at Glennie yesterday, there are some valuable tips relevant for everyone. There is so much to know in this great sport, it is good to have the opportunity to learn little bits at a time, and at local club events where you don’t actually get disqualified or punished in any way! 

The first thing you need to know is that if you arrive at a sprint event via any way other than the advertised entry, you are at risk of disqualification. This is because the organisers will have worked out a way to get you to the assembly area that limits the area of the map which you are able to see before you do your course, in keeping with the rule of fairness for everyone. Glennie was extremely crowded due to the booking of their indoor sports centre, making it even harder to find the assembly area if you didn’t enter via the advertised gate which had signs up.

Different types of starts – Ellie presented a great example of a ‘hidden’ start triangle. In big competitions, the start triangle should be hidden from view of where you pick up your map. This is so you can’t watch the person in front of you run off, giving you an advantage as to which direction to go first. There is so much to take in when you first pick up your map, it is a real advantage if you are able to watch which way the person in front of you goes, and just start running in that direction as you study your map.

The long course had a map change. In this case, it was inside the plastic bag and you just had to flip it over at control 10. Sometimes a map change will require placing your used map in a box, and taking a new map from another box. There may be a taped route marked showing how and where this will happen.

Lots of great route choices in these courses for some armchair training – watch for those uncrossable items! 