Toowoomba Grammar School


Darling Downs Secondary Schoolboys Rugby League with the support of NRL Game Development would like to extend an invitation to your school to participate in a Rugby League Trials Day on Monday March 1, 2021.

WHEN: 9:00am-3:00pm, Monday 1 March 2021

WHERE: Brothers Rugby League Club, Hursley Road, Toowoomba

2021 NRL Gala Day Invitation

From this day squads will be selected in each age group to attend the DD trials on the 9th March

NOMINATION PROCESS: If you wish to nominate for the GALA DAY please complete the below forms and forward to the Sport and Activities Office in person or via email [email protected]  by Thursday 18th March.

Ensure all players attending the GALA day bring their DD trial permission form, mouthguard form & mouthguard.

If successful at the Gala Day students will be eligible to participate in DD Trials on Tuesday 9 March.

Students selected to attend  on the 9th March will need to bring those forms plus pay the regional trial levy through the DD online shop by 4th march. No payment no trial. A how to pay guide is attached RSS how to guide – regional trials-unrestricted