Toowoomba Grammar School

DD Regional Orienteering Trials

Nominations are now open for the Darling Downs Regional Orienteering Trials.

Students nominating for these trials, MUST HAVE ATTENDED A BUSH EVENT SUCCESSFULLY PRIOR TO THE REGIONAL TRIAL and BE PREPARED to attend the STATE Championships if selected for the Darling Downs Team.


VENUE:  Queens Park, Warwick and The Warwick and District Archers, Ford Rd, Warwick.

DATE:       Tuesday 4 May, 2021

TIME:     9.00 am – 3.00 pm



  1. Please complete the attached Nomination form and email to [email protected] by Thursday 22 April 2021: 2021 DD Orienteering trials 2021.
    Schools will nominate only students who have attended one Bush Orienteering event in the last 18 months prior to the Regional Trial (see attached from for coming events).  Students selected to attend the trial MUST be competent with the use of a map & compass. Ensure you advise of the event and date attended when submitting your nomination to the school.
  2. Complete the 2021 DDSSB Regional Trial Permission Form and present to Sports Office for Authorised School Delegate’s signature in person or via email.
  3. PAYMENT: Payment for regional trials is to be sent directly to DD Sport. See attached how to guide for details. Payment is due by 29 April: RSS how to guide – regional trials-orienteering