Toowoomba Grammar School

Clubs and Activities

2019 Schedule – meeting times etc

Media and Technology Activities


This Club aims to teach boys to become competent in the use of digital SLR and compact cameras and photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Some topics covered to help boys develop their photographic ability include camera operation, composition, essentials of a digital image, and post capture editing. The Photography Club also plays an important role in supplying images of sporting events and other School activities for TGS publications; therefore an opportunity exists for boys to become involved in this sphere of the Club. Club members are also able to submit entries into various photographic competitions held throughout the year.
Coordinator: Mr Clinton Owen


This Club operates throughout the year during lunch times and comprises students who have a special interest in learning the fundamentals of multimedia productions. Activities involve filming sports and activities, editing footage and using computer software to generate video presentations for special School ceremonies.
Coordinator: Mrs Eylece Blaikie

Literacy Based Activities


The Writers’ Circle operates throughout the year during lunch times and is aimed at boys who have an interest in writing with a particular focus on the four styles of expository, descriptive, persuasive and narrative writing. Students do not have to be excelling in their English classes to participate as the collaborative nature of this Club ensures that all boys are supported regardless of literacy levels.
Coordinator: Mrs Peta Vincent


The Latin Club is aimed at those students who have an interest in the Latin language with lunch time sessions focusing on root words and their integration into the English language. Members engage with fun games and literacy tasks that aim to increase their knowledge and understanding of the language.
Coordinator: Mr Michael Cocks


The Bookmarkers is a club that draws together avid readers who have a keen interest in the dissection of literary pieces. It is a collaborative club whereby members are encouraged to share their thoughts on current books they are reading as well as critiquing a common book read by all students.
Coordinator: TBC


International club runs throughout the academic year providing an opportunity for Toowoomba Grammar School students to have discussions with students in international classrooms. The students use the Learning Lab to have full group sessions using high quality video conferencing software and their own computers to Skype individually and in pairs with students at The Shri Ram School in New Delhi and The Scindia School in Gwalior, India. Discussion topics range from musical performances showcases to sports and foods. Being able to interact with fellow students around the world has proven to be highly rewarding for the boys involved. Open to all year levels and could be of particular interest to those considering exchange programs.

Coordinator: Mr David Klan

Public Speaking Based Activities


Senior teams (Years 11 and 12) compete in a variety of competitions held through Bond University and the University of Southern Queensland. Training is one afternoon per week and commences in the first week of March with a preliminary rounds in May.
Coordinator: Dr Alison Young


There are two to three teams in each year level 7 – 10 and a Senior team who compete in a local competition on Wednesday nights run by the Queensland Debating Union (QDU). Training sessions are held at lunch times during the week.
Coordinator: Mrs Lisa Purves