Toowoomba Grammar School

Ben Schuhmacher

**Cricket – Helmet Compliance**

Dear Cricket Community,

As mentioned in 2019, TGS will be abiding by the new Helmet regulations being enforced for the 2020 season and beyond.

This requirement is happening as a result of policy changes being implemented by the ICC, Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket to improve the level of protection provided by helmets.

It is a mandatory requirement for all boys to wear a helmet and it is an expectation that each boy owns their own helmet. 

If your son already owns a helmet, it is an expectation that it meets these new guidelines. Please note that some helmets currently used do not meet the new standards, and all players should verify when purchasing new helmets that they comply with the new requirements. For those boys requiring helmets, please visit the website of our sponsors, Keith Dudgeon Cricket Specialist.

If you are unsure whether your helmet is compliant, click Compliant Helmets.

Before our Round 1 clash with BGS, your son’s coach will ensure your son has met these guidelines.

This mandate is a good thing in terms of ensuring the safety of your son playing this sport.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

Ben Schuhmacher

Cricket Photos Reminder

Dear Cricketers,

Over the next two weeks we have our Cricket team photos. Please ensure you are prepared for this. You have been emailed these details.

You need to be dressed in the following gear:

Full Cricket whites (shirt tucked in)



White TGS sports socks

We will be operating under fairly tight time lines so its essential you are on time and well organised so you have sufficient time to get changed, warm-up or make scheduled bus times.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Mr Schuhmacher

Cricket Training 13/2/19 – hot weather hydration advice

Dear Cricketers and Families,

Please be aware that tomorrow we are expecting temperatures to reach 38 degrees.

As such, please ensure your son stays hydrated throughout the day and takes a full water bottle to training in the afternoon.

Coaches will also be encouraged to provide the boys with extra drinks breaks throughout the session.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Ben Schuhmacher
Director of Cricket