Toowoomba Grammar School

Sandy Mathies

Cadets: Toowoomba Grammar School Honour Guard


TGS school based activity form_V3


Students and Parents

  1. Attached are the following documents for your action:
    1. School Activity Form – Forms are to be returned to [email protected] by the beginning of term.
    2. List of timings for the Practice on Wednesday 24 April and ANZAC Day 25 April – Annex A
    3. Map of key locations
  2. Please note that there is a practice on Wednesday 24 April at the Mothers’ Memorial from 1530-1815h in school uniform. If the weather is forecast wet then please bring along a school rain coat.
  3. Students are to turn up on 25 April in World War 1 issued uniforms at the Mothers’ Memorial.
  4. Boarders will be transported down to the Mothers’ Memorial for the Dawn Service and are to be outside Roberts classrooms by 0415h for transport.
  5. All participants, their families and our volunteers are welcome to join us for breakfast after the Dawn Service.  Please let Mrs Trevisani know numbers for catering.
  6. May I wish you all a Happy Easter and safe holidays.

Cadets: SSAA and Firearm Certificate – POSTPONED

Students and Parents

  1. This activity next term has been postponed and we will advise you of another date once we hear back from the supporting Rifle Club, SSAA.
  2. I apologise for the late notice and now wish you all a Great Easter Holiday and look forward to seeing you all back here next term.


Ma’am Hallam

Cadets: TRI CARE ANZAC Service -Thursday, 25 April 2019

TOOWOOMBA GRAMMAR SCHOOL Activity Consent Form Night Activities

Students and Parents

  1. Attached is the activity form for the Tri Care Residential Home ANZAC Service this year  which is a school activity.
  2. We will be conducting a service at the Tri Care Residential Home on Curzon Street at 1.30 pm and will need to depart from school by 1.00 pm
  3. Can you please return the form by the date indicated and ensure that you remain in your World War 1 uniforms after the Toowoomba ANZAC Services.
  4. Lunch will be provided after the ANZAC services back at school.

Ma’am Hallam

Cadets: Blue Care ANZAC Service – Wednesday, 24 April 2019

TOOWOOMBA GRAMMAR SCHOOL Activity Consent Form Night Activities

Students and Parents

  1. Attached is the activity form for the first of the ANZAC services the school is supporting this year.
  2. We will be conducting a service at the Blue Care Residential Home on Steiner Street at 9.00am and will need to depart from school by 8.30 am.
  3. Can you please return the form by the date indicated and ensure that you turn up to school in World War 1 uniform.
  4. This is a school activity and you will need to change into your school uniform when we return to the school after the service.
  5. Please have a good Easter holidays.

Ma’am Hallam

Cadet Routine Orders for Home Training – Friday, 21 March 2019

Packing list for bivouac amended March 2019


Dear Recruits, Parents and Cadets,


Attached are this week’s Routine Orders for Home Training for your action.

  1. Dress is DPCU field – Marching Order (field pack and webbing packed as per packing order).
  2. All cadets attending Exercise Gallipoli this weekend are to remember to bring their field packs and webbing into the orderly room on Friday 21st March 2019. TRGOFF Roberts will be at the Orderly Room by 0745 to receive gear.
  3. Final Nominal Roll will be sent out NLT Friday after staff has organised sport buses and times.
  4. Please let Staff know ASAP if any of your plans change.

Cadets: ANZAC Day Drum Corp Practice

Dear Cadets and Parents

  1. The ANZAC Committee for Toowoomba have requested that the Cadets combine their drum corps for the ANZAC main service in the city.
  2. We have arranged for two practice dates so far:
  3. Tuesday 19 March from 4-5 pm
  4. Tuesday 26 March from 4-5 pm
  5. I will organise transport for everyone from TGS to 25/49RQR, O’Quinn Street.
  6. The transport will leave at 3.30 pm from the TGS bus stop on Margaret Street.
  7. This will mean that any females from Fairholme College must be here before 3.30 pm and I will pick up any Glennie Cadets on the way at the Aquatic Centre at The Glennie School.
  8. We should be back at school around 5.15pm at  the TGS Margaret Street bus stop.
  9. Could you please let me know if you cannot attend and I will assume all others will be attending.
  10. Thursday Drum Corp training will continue at TGS for the next two weeks before the end of term.

Thank you

Ma’am Hallam

Cadet Routine Orders for Home Training – Friday, 15 March

RO07_19 -15_MAR

Dear Recruits, Cadets and Parents

  1. Attached are this week’s Routine Orders for Home Training for your action.
  2. Dress is DPCU Field, HOWEVER, if you are involved in the ‘Concert’ on Friday night then you may wear your Blazer Dress to cadets.
  3. The Battalion Commander, MAJ(AAC) Kym Donoghue and cadet staff will be joining us this week.
  4. If you are only in a choir then you will not be required at the sound testing for the Concert on Friday night, unless you are singing a solo
  5. Mrs Otto the TGS director of Performance has given a  number of times for sound testing for instruments:
3:30pm TiGAA Junior
3:45pm TiGAA Senior
4:00 pm Wind Ensemble
4:15pm The Wedding Singer Duet
4:30 pm Guitar Ensemble
4:45pm RnB Band
5:00pm String Orchestra
5:15pm Big Band
5:30pm Wind Orchestra
5:45pm Treble Voices

Senior Voices

Combined Voices


6:15pm Dinner
6:45pm All students sitting in Assembly Hall ready for concert, except for first few performers.
7:00pm Concert Commences
  1. Please make sure that you only attend these times and come back directly to cadets in between.
  2. We are trying to prepare you all for our upcoming weekend in the field and it is a requirement that you are given this training.


Ma’am Hallam

Ann Hallam



Orienteering – Sunday, 17 March 2019



Sunday, 17 March – Leyburn State Forest, west of Warwick

Come and join us for our first bush orienteering event for the season and enjoy orienteering in this open spur/gully eucalypt forest.

Courses: Hard 1 (8.6km); Hard 2 (6.2km); Hard 3 (4.9km); Hard 4 (3.4km); Hard 5 (2.7km); Moderate 1 (3.5km); Moderate 2 (2.3km); Easy (2.1km); Very Easy (1.4km)

Online Entries: Please enter online by midnight on Wednesday 13 March at to ensure enough maps are available. If you can’t manage this, please email me and let me know what course you would like to do.

Sportident will be used for this event. SI sticks can be hired for $2.

9am – 11am   Close: 1pm

Members: adults – $12; junior – $8; family maximum – $32
Non-member: adults – $18; juniors – $12; family maximum – $48; Beginners – $8

Facilities: bush toilet; drinks for sale; coffee cart and muffins; sausage sizzle

From Warwick, take the Cunningham Highway westwards towards Inglewood for 34km, before turning right into Thanes Creek Road. The first 4km of this road is bitumen and it then becomes a good gravel road. 3.8km after the start of the gravel, take the right hand fork at a junction and travel a further 7km to the assembly area on Forestry Road. Allow 45 mins traveling time from Warwick. 

From Stanthorpe, take the New England Highway north to Warwick and at the first set of traffic lights (the intersection with the Cunningham Highway), turn left and follow the directions as above.