Toowoomba Grammar School

Cadet News

Cadet WTSS 1 Activity – Wednesday, 6 March 2019

AAC030 – WTSS1 Activity Notification and Consent Form 2019 vers 1

Dear Cadets and Parents

  1. Attached is the Activity and Notification Form for our first WTSS activity for this year for your action.
  2. This activity is for cadets in their second year of cadets or above.
  3. There are limited spaces for this activity (21). It will be first come, first served with a reserve list.
  4. There are 3 other WTSS activities this year, all on a Wednesday afternoon/evening.
  5. The activity is on Wednesday 06 March and will be out at Oakey Army AVn TC.
  6. Dress is DPCU Field.
  7. No money will be required for Pizza and soft drink as this will come out of Unit Funds.
  8. Cadets are to advise me of their request for a pizza from the following Value Range:
    1. Simply Cheese
    2. Cheesy Garlic Pizza
    3. Cheesy Garlic with Crème Fraiche
    4. Margherita
    5. Pepperoni
    6. Beef and onion
    7. Ham and cheese
    8. Spicy Veg Trio
    9. Gluten free base if required

TGS Honour Guard – National Service Men’s Association Commemorative Service – Saturday, 16 February

AAC030 – Activity Notification and Consent Form 2019 vers 1

Dear Cadets and Parents

  1. I apologise for the late notice,  attached is an Activity Notification Form for the NSSA Commemorative Service for your action.
  2. The cadets are to arrive at the Mother’s Memorial by 0800h and can be collected at 1030h from the Memorial.
  3. Transport will be provided for boarders and will depart at 0745h from the Margaret Street bus stop.
  4. Dress is DPCU Ceremonial and no weapons will be used at this service which is combined with the RAAF Cadets.
  5. Please return your forms as soon as possible.

Cadet Recruit Training Day – Sunday, 17 February

Recruit training day Program 2019 Vers 1

AAC030 – Activity Notification and Consent Form 2017 vers 1

Dear Recruits and Parents

  1. Your son/daughter has agreed to be part of the Cadet Program at Toowoomba Grammar School.
  2. The Cadet Development Continuum (CDC) is the training program for cadets. In order to complete the program the week after ANZAC day, we like to get the Recruits to attend a Recruit Training Day.  This enables them to feel part of the Unit the following Friday and participate in the Administration and Dismissal Parades.
  3. Attached is an Activity Notification Form for the Cadet Recruit Training Day. These forms are required by the Australian Army Cadets for record purposes.
  4. Parents are asked to print out a copy, fill in the information on page 1 and return page 1 to myself either by hand or email. Electronic signatures are acceptable. You keep page 2 as it has all the information on times and venue.
  5. I attach a copy of a draft program for the day.
  6. The Senior Cadets will be instructing under supervision of Army Cadet Staff (ACS).
  7. Should your son/daughter still not be in uniform they are asked to present themselves in sports uniform and with a bucket hat.  Please note that uniforms are issued once we receive their enrolment forms.
  8. All food/rations are provided so if we have not been told please advise us if there are any special dietary requirements before the training day.
  9. If you have not had an opportunity we hold a parent information session towards the end of the program which you are welcome to attend.
  10. Over the next few weeks, they will be receiving a lot of information which should be kept together and therefore a small cadet day pack would be useful, which they can place a water bottle, stationary and notebook.

Cadet Tri-Service Dinner – Friday, 8 March 2019

AAC030 – Activity Notification and Consent Form 2017 vers 1

Cadet NCO’s (CPLs; SGTs; CUOs and CDTWO2)

  1. You are invited to participate in the Tri-Service Dinner on Friday 08 March at Concordia College.  This is an opportunity to meet other members of the cadet community from other Army, Navy and Air Force Cadets and staff.
  2. Attached is the Activity Notification Form for the Tri-Service Dinner for your action.
  3. As you are senior rank I am only sending this to you and not your parents.  It is your responsibility to ensure that these forms are returned by the due date.
  4. I also ask Cadet Staff to respond if they wish to attend.