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House Swimming Championship 2019 – Final Results

What a fantastic day February 12 was for all those boys involved in the two swimming championships. The Year 7 students were at TGS in the Aquatic Centre and the Year 8-12 students were at Milne Bay Aquatic Centre. The day showcased an outstanding level of athletic ability with a large number of records being broken across the age groups.

Jude Youens 14 Years

  • 200m Freestyle 2.03.05. Previous record Tom Wilson 2.04.20
  • 50m Butterfly 29.65. Previous record BJ Oates 30.67
  • 50m Freestyle 26.36. Previous record Tom Wilson 26.86
  • 100m Freestyle 57.44. Previous record Tom Wilson 59.84

William Salmond 15 Years

  • 50m Butterfly 26.04. Previous record M Sweeney 28.07

Charlie Schoorl 16 Years

  • 50m Butterfly 26.73. Previous record BJ Oates 27.44/ Drew Timbs 27.70

Cooper Bridgeman Open

  • 50m Butterfly 27.97. Previous record James Buk 28.55

Isaac Cooper 15 Years

  • 50m Backstroke 27.89. Previous record Braiden McCarthy 28.91

Juert Eerkens 13 Years

  • 50m Backstroke 32.53. Previous record BJ Oates 32.89


The Age Champions and runners up on the day deserve every accolade as their results were tremendous.

The Overall points result saw Boyce House take out the title of House Swimming champions for 2019 – I congratulate those boys on a fantastic result.

Please see below for Age Champions and House Results

House Champion
Place House
1 Boyce
2 Stephens
3 Taylor
4 Groom
5 Mackintosh
Age Champion
Age Name
12 J. Smiddy
13 J. Eerkens
14 J. Youens
15 I. Cooper
16 C. Schoorl
Open S. Reed
Runner Up –
Age Champion
Age Name
12 D. Black
13 H. Wright
14 H. Pollock
15 W. Salmond
16 G. Tighe
Open M. Cottle

Swimming News – February 2019

Welcome back to TGS and I wish you all a great 2019. Term 4 last year we commenced our GPS
Swimming assault and we saw a good number of boys at our Wednesday morning training.

Keep up the spirit…in fact go beyond…drag your mates to Wednesday mornings…race hard against them
at House Carnival, mate versus mate, house versus house, for the best result for TGS at GPS 2019.

Dates to remember:

• 6.00am every Wednesday morning training and then BBQ breakfast

• Friday 8 February – Pre-GPS meet at Chandler (Sign up via the Google form)

• Monday 11 February – House Pre events – 200m Freestyle and IM.

• Tuesday 12 February – House Carnival…this is where it all happens.

• Friday 22 February – Pre-GPS meet at Chandler

• Sunday 3 March – Swimming camp at the Gold Coast

• Tuesday 5 March – Darling Downs Secondary School Trials

• Thursday 7 March – TGS Swim Team dinner and presentation

• Friday 8 March GPS Champs

Let’s be amazing!