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Sport Representative Pathways – Expression of Interest

2020 Combined Calendar (10 OCTOBER 2019) docx

The following was emailed to all current TGS parents – Thursday, 30 January 2020.


Dear Parents,


TGS is supportive of boys being able to access Toowoomba Secondary School Sport (TSSS) and Darling Downs School Sport (DD) representative pathways.

To reduce whole school emails please follow this LINK to indicate if you would like to receive information regarding representative sport trials.


A copy of the 2020 Darling Downs School Sport Combined Sporting Calendar is attached for your reference.

Please note: 10 – 12 age groups are managed by the Junior School, for more information regarding 10 – 12 years trials please contact Liz Pratt –


For more information, please contact the Sport & Activities Office.

Track and Field – Representative News

Jai Gordon (Year 11) was recently named in an Australian Under 20 relay squad for athletics. Based on his recent athletic achievements, Athletics Australia has identified Jai as a potential Australian representative for the upcoming World Junior Championships. As such, he was invited to a National Under 20 relay camp in Canberra where he trained alongside the Australian Olympic relay team. The photo below includes Open and junior members. Jai is sitting on the ground, on the right end with yellow shoes.

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Track and Field – State Title Results

Following the finals for the QLD State Titles, we congratulate the following boys who medalled in their respective events:


Name Event Position Medal
Paul Draheim U15 200m Hurdles 1 Gold
Harrison Callow U17 100m 1 Gold
Wihan Kruger U14 Javelin 1 Gold
Patrick Mc Kay Jai Gordon Harrison Callow 17 – 19 4 x 100m Relay 1 Gold
Jai Gordon U16 100m 1 Gold
U17 200m 1 Gold
Charlie Bragg U15 Shot Put MC 1 Gold
Ewald Kruger U13 Discus 1 Gold
U13 Hammer 1 Gold
U13 Shot Put 2 Silver
Nicholas Coonan U16 800m 3 Bronze
 Joseph Currie U13-15 4 x 100m Relay 3 Bronze
Archie Steele U16 110m Hurdles 3 Bronze

Track and Field – State Championship, Cairns

Well done to all the TGS students who have been representing the Darling Downs region in the State Athletic Championship in Cairns over the past few days. There have been some fantastic results including:

  • 6 State Champions
    • Jai Gordon           16 year 100m
    • Harry Callow       17 year 100m
    • Wihan Kruger     14 year javelin
    • Ewald Kruger     13 year hammer thrower
    • Charlie Bragg     15 MC Shot put.
    • Paul Draheim     15 year 200m hurdles
  • Harry Callow, Jai Gordon, Pat McKay   4x100m and new QLD record
  • Joe Currie was a member of the 4x 100m that came 3rd.

FINALS (results to follow)

Harry Callow, Jai Gordon and Pat McKay in 200m final.

Josh Roach and Nick Coonan in 400m final.

Nick Coonan in 800m final (ranked 1st).


We wish all our athletes the best of luck as they head into the final two days of competition.

GPS Track & Field Pre-Meet – Friday, 11 October 2019


Dear Athletes,


These final weeks are very busy for TGS Track and Field.


Here you will find:

  • SIGN UP LINK : GPS PRE-MEET FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER (Griffith University, Southport, Gold Coast)
    • Meet at Margaret Street bus loop at 1.45pm
    • All information including timetable HERE


  • SIGN UP LINK: GPS PRE-MEET FRIDAY 18 OCTOBER (Nudgee College, Brisbane)
    • Meet at Margaret Street bus loop at 1.45pm
    • All information including timetable TO BE PROVIDED SOON


Thank you for signing up to these events promptly.



Ms Connelly

Track and Field -New Records

Well done to all the athletes who competed at the recent Darling Downs U13-19 Track and Field Championships. Particular congratulations to the following athletes who set new Darling Downs records:

  • Wihan Kruger – U14 Javelin 51.03m breaking the old record of 50.72m
  • Nicholas Coonan – U19 800m 1:59.89 breaking the old record of 2:01.00

Full list of results can be found below:

DD 13-19 Results by event 2019

Cross Country – QLD Nationals Results

Age Distance Place Given Surname Time First Place Time
14 – 17 Years 6000m 38 Nicholas Coonan 22:30.00 19:21.00
44 Oscar Cass 23:51.00
13 Years 3000m 4 Charlie Randall 9:58.00 9:52.00
9 Tyler Saal 10:18.00
38 Isaac Barac 11:17.00
14 Years 4000m 13 Samuel Gladwin 13:45.00 13:18.00
22 Byron Farrington 14:14.00
15 Years 4000m 40 Flynn Taylor 14:54.00 12:20.00
18 – 19 Years 8000m 21 Matthew McNamara 31:33.00 25:57.00
16 – 19 Years 1500m 4 Matthew McNamara 4:52.57 4:28.90