Toowoomba Grammar School

GPS Tennis

GPS teams are fielded from Year 5 through to Opens. Each team consists of 4 members with the format in these age groups being that each player will play one doubles match and one singles match with the fixture lasting 2 hours. This is also the same in Opens for the 3rds to 6ths teams. The Firsts and Seconds teams play with 4 players and the fixture is played over 4 hours.

Numbers are capped to 20 in each age group. For those players who do not make any of these teams, they are encouraged to compete in another sport (Football or Cross Country). All players will train twice a week with matches on a Saturday at various times.

During the GPS season team allocations can be found in the Parent Lounge and Student Café.

Up-to-date information for 2022 GPS Sport can now be found on the Sports Portal.

Director of Tennis: Mr Gavin Wright