Toowoomba Grammar School

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment in the Music Tuition Program

1. Fees are charged at the chosen rate by each individual Instrumental Teacher, which is currently up to $38 per 30 minute private lesson. Fees are subject to change in accordance with the minimum MTAQ recommended rate:

2. Invoices are sent to parents at the beginning of each term. If the invoice remains outstanding after the due date your son’s teacher is not obliged to conduct any further scheduled lessons. Payment for any further scheduled lessons will still be expected.

3. Fees are not refundable.

4. Discontinuation of lessons – students are not able to discontinue lessons, or take breaks from lessons, during a term for any reason. Notice of cancellation must be given four weeks before the end of a term if you wish your son to discontinue lessons at the end of the term. Please contact the Music Department at [email protected] to request a link to the cancellation form.

5. At the end of each year, unless a cancellation form is completed, it is assumed that your son will continue lessons into the following year.

6. Paired lessons are available only if another student at a similar standard has requested a paired lesson. Paired lessons are not available on piano.

7. The Music Department does not automatically receive information regarding your son’s expected absences from school. If your son is unable to attend a lesson due to appointments/exams/excursions/camps etc, you must specifically notify the Instrumental Music teacher (phone call preferred) with at least 24 hours’ notice, otherwise you will forfeit the lesson fee. Teachers will make every endeavour to reschedule the lesson, subject to availability, only if at least 24 hours’ notice has been received.

8. In the case of your son being unexpectedly absent from school due to illness, parents are responsible for phoning the Instrumental Music teacher prior to 8:00am to give notice that your son will be missing his music lesson. You will forfeit the lesson fee if notice of your son’s illness is not received. Teachers will make every endeavour to reschedule the lesson, subject to availability, only if notice has been received by phone prior to 8:00am.

9. Parents will be required to purchase sheet music, music books and/or other music materials (drum pads, reeds, cork grease, cleaners, valve oil etc) for instrumental music lessons. Your son’s instrumental music teacher will notify you regarding these details.

10. Lessons during breaks and out of School hours are very limited and are reserved mainly for Year 11 & 12 students on a first-in basis.