Toowoomba Grammar School

Terms and Conditions of Instrument Hire in the Music Tuition Program

I acknowledge the instrument at all times remains the property of Toowoomba Grammar School and is hired subject to the following conditions:

1. The instrument remains the property of Toowoomba Grammar School, and is to be used by the student to whom it is hired and by no other person. Please leave the red or blue TGS tag on the instrument so that it can be identified quickly as a TGS instrument.

2. The instrument’s use must be carefully supervised at home by parents. Every care and attention must be given to the instrument during the period of hire, and this includes not leaving the instrument in hot environments (ie cars) and safely storing the instrument in its case or on a stand when not in use.

3. Parents are required to purchase sundry items relating to the use of the instrument, ie reeds, cork grease, valve oil, special neck straps etc. A basic starter kit will be provided with each instrument at the beginning of the year, and parents are expected to replace these items as necessary throughout the year.

4. The instrument is returnable upon request at any time for inspection, repair, adjustment or for any other reason at the School’s discretion.

5. If the instrument is damaged due to negligence or wilful damage, parents will be responsible for repair costs. If the instrument is lost, parents will be responsible for replacement costs.

6. The instrument is hired with the understanding that the student must attend all scheduled lessons and ensemble rehearsals (if applicable). Students must also meet their Music Tutor’s home practice expectations. If a student does not meet attendance or practice expectations the instrument hire may be ceased.

7. The instrument must be returned immediately should your son cease to be a student of Toowoomba Grammar School.

8. The instrument must be returned with all parts intact and personal items removed at the end of the School year. Parents will be contacted later in the year regarding the details of instrument return due to different requirements for Junior and Senior School students.

9. Instrument hire is charged at the rate of $84.50 per term. Fees will be added to school accounts.